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Center consoles

The center console is the heart of the interior of every vehicle. It enables numerous design options and is one of the core products of the AIS Group. When developing these components, we pay particular attention to functionality, storage space and the best possible comfort for the end customer.

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Glove box

The instrument panel with its add-on parts is in the direct field of vision of every vehicle. An important component is the glove box, which offers the driver additional storage space. In this product group, special demands on functionality, strength and temperature must be met.

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Pillar cladding

In the area of pillar coverings, our product portfolio ranges from the classic, painted door sill panel to the leather-covered version with stainless steel inserts. In order to best meet the demands of our customers and end consumers, we combine safety-relevant aspects with a visually appealing implementation.

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Trunk trim

In addition to the side panels, we also include the loading floors of a vehicle among the trunk perimeters. Here we can convince our customers with innovative solutions using both the paper honeycomb and the PE honeycomb.

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The tailgate is part of the trunk system and enables the vehicle to be loaded. Due to the considerable size of the products, we produce them on injection molding machines with a capacity of up to 2,000 tons. To create ongoing added value for our customers, we use our know-how to continuously achieve material and weight saving measures.

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In addition to larger products, our portfolio also includes smaller interior components. Among other things, we produce loudspeaker grilles or separate storage compartments. We score here by paying particular attention to the integration of the components into the overall assembly system.

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Water box covers

In addition to classic interior products, we also provide our expertise in exterior in the form of water tank covers. The component functions in the upper area of the engine compartment as a cover for the most important components to protect and drain spray water. We distinguish ourselves here through our experience in continuous component optimization and focus on sustainability aspects.

Product portfolio

We offer a wide portfolio of interior components. As an expert for plastic parts, we work with our customers on tailor-made solutions to combine maximum functionality and inspiring optics in our products. We are featured by our customers both in volume vehicles with high volumes and in limited premium models, which convince with an extraordinary design.